Middlewood way is a unique 10 mile (16km) multipurpose linear park that runs between Macclesfield and Rose Hill, Marple.

Dr David Bellamy opened the route on the 30th of May 1985.

Middlewood Way follows the route of the former Macclesfield, Bollington and Marple railway, which had operated between 1869 and 1970. The Middlewood Way serves the needs of walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, joggers and horse riders and plays host to a wide range of flora and fauna. It runs approximately parallel to the Macclesfield Canal and passes through Bollington and Higher Poynton. It can be reached by rail at Macclesfield, Middlewood and Rose Hill Marple.

The trail from Middlewood to Rose Hill is rough and badly maintained and is probably best suited to those on foot or cyclists on mountain bikes and hybrids. You could not use the route with a wheelchair or a young cyclist. The exception to this is the tarmac section between Bollington and Macclesfield, which is suitable for all cycles, wheelchairs.

The trail forms part of National Cycle Network Route 55 from Ironbridge to Preston.
Keeping with Stockports new 'Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee and our ethos of children staying active, a committee was formed of local users, residents and commuters of Middlewood Way to hopefully bring the Stockport side of Middlewood Way back to a useable, well maintained, and servicable cycleway, footpath and bridleway.

The Stockport side of Middlewood Way is in really bad condition. The Stockport side runs from Middlewood Station to the Car Park at Rose Hill Station. The Council leaflet for the route states
"The Middlewood Way is mostly level and wheelchair accessible". You can read the Flyer HERE. However .... you will note the phone number for 'Middlewood Way enquiries' does not work expired 2 years ago when the council removed ALL ranger services.

It is our intension to gather support to renew the section path and route between Middlewood Station and Rose Hill Station to the same if not better specification than Dr David Bellamy opened in 1985.

Listening to local people, cycle groups, horse riders and dog walkers the path between the A6 and Middlewood Station is probably the worse section. This is approx 1000 yrds of a 10 mile stretch. We are working with local Councillors, Council officers and anybody who can help us achieve a servicable trail for future generations to enjoy.

The section of Middlewood Way in need repair is not 'new news'. Many people have grumbled for many years discussing the bad state and condition Stockport Council have left the route. Back in 2014 it was mentioned at the Marple Area Commitee meeting and all of the local Councillors are fully aware of the bad condition of the route. However the usual story of 'no budget' was normally the case. That was until May 2015 when a new councillor was elected to the Local Area for Marple South. Cllr Kenny Blair who lives in Marple and uses Middlewood Way listened to our case and pledged to support us wherever he can to hopefully achieve our goal. Please see the Links below to Cllr Blairs own thoughts and a video link from the recent Health & Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee meeting where Cllr Blair urged the Executive Councillor to discuss the reductions in budgets to Green Space and the Green Space Team.

Cllr Blair Meeting with the Executive HERE
Stockport Health & Wellbeing Webcast HERE

What can you do?

Until the path has been repaired we urge you to write to your councillors, spread the word, join our facebook page and or email your details to be kept upto date. Drop us a line and show your support to save@middlewoodway.co.uk

Stockport Middlewood Way Flyer HERE
Cllr Blair reaction to Middlewood Way HERE
Support from Stockport Walkers HERE
Below are two videos showing Middlewood Way for comparison of surface conditions. You can clearly see the Roase Hill to Stockport side is significantly poor compared to the Cheshire side.