As you all know we started this campaign to get the Stockport side of Middlewood Way Maintained, Refreshed, Cleared, Re-surfaced and generally put back on the map as a great place for all users whether that be Walking, Cycling, Horse Riding etc.

Well, we have good news.........
After many meetings and discussions we are in receipt of a 39 pages ongoing maintenance plan for the full stretch of Middlewood Way from Rose Hill to Middlewood Station.

We are still digesting the extensive document but please be assured never in the history of Middlewood Way has such a maintenance project taken place since its inception as a recreational path.

We will be updating this page regularly with more info as and when the work will be starting.

Already you may of noticed the verges near Marple Rugby club have been trimmed along with some vegitation. The Trees are being cut back over the whole lenght of Middlewood and a contract has been issued to commence. However, th big work will start very soon.

Job 1)

Middlewood Station to Marsden Bridge Works Detail: HERE

Closure Notice: HERE

Work will commence shortly, completion date is 30/04/16 Contractor: G.Cox.